TCool Milk Tank

TCool Milk Tank - Charleville Refrigeration

The TCool Milk Tank can be adapted to all dairy farmers’ expectations, ranging from 1,010 to 33,500 litres.

With a stainless steel inner vessel and outer shell and a large, robust work platform that is not fixed to the ground for easy cleaning. It has a unique manhole lid, waterproof, without a seal, with a vertical and swivel opening on the side. The manhole is equipped with a vent.

To obtain the best quality milk, the agitator gently stirs it continuously ensuring its homogeneity while preserving its integrity.

Compact version with cooling units designed for quick installation without refrigeration unit connection. A separate version for a refrigeration group installation in a ventilated area to obtain the best energy operating conditions. Robust support for accurate calibration, LNE certified and sustainable over time.

TCool Milk Tank Features

A high-density polyurethane insulation without CFC for optimum temperature maintenance, which minimizes energy consumption.

Using a high-efficiency thermal evaporator called STI (integrated tubular system), the BII-class evaporators, laboratory tested (35°C down to 4°C within less than 3 hours in a 32°C environment), offer the fastest cooling in 2 or 4 milkings with reduced energy consumption.

Two independent washing circuits to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and obtain the bonus (€) for a quality set by the dairies. AED patented wash system. Pre-wash to clean away sediment and residue.

Several diameters and connection standards available (DIN, SMS, RJT, DS, ISS,…) in single connection or self-cleaning. The drain is equipped with a safety valve that prevents from accidental filling of washing water during milking.