Silo Milk Tank

Silo Milk Tank

The solution for large-volume milk storage with a maximum storage of up to 40,000 litres.

Two independent washing circuits achieve the highest levels of hygiene and obtain the bonus (€) for quality set by the dairies. The rotary diffuser and dynamic wash nozzle are removable through the silo roof. AED patented wash system. Pre-wash to clean away sediment and residue

A patented agitation guarantees the milk’s quality and limits the wear of mechanical components. A 3-bladed propeller for better balance and smooth agitation. Service of the bottom bearing without entering the silo.

The safety of people is guaranteed by a self-retracting lifeline provided, attached to a common anchor point or an optional ladder, preventing falling. A metal safety feature with a musket is attached to the central high point to secure installation and maintenance operations throughout the Silo roof.

Silo Milk Tank Features

Tank in 304 stainless steel inner vessel and outer shell with a large manhole, 510 x 410 for easy access. Also available in beige, green, anthracite or blue aluminium.

A large-diameter vent for rapid collection without the risk of tank collapse. A protective grid accessible from the bottom and removable for easy cleaning.

An alcove to connect the silo to the building. For full outdoor use, the alcove can be equipped with a stand-alone electric shutter to secure access.

A drain near the edge allows the immediate arrival of milk at the cooling level, with 3 connection standards available.

An optional protective hood for refrigeration connections. A wide range of refrigeration groups, suitable for all configurations: 4 or 6 BII-class milkings, pre-cooled or not, or robotic High-density polyurethane insulation (70mm thick) without CFC for optimum temperature maintenance, which minimizes energy consumption.