Pre-cooling Modular Chiller

ICool Modular Chiller

Food security through instant cooling.

  • Cooling milk through a low-load plate interchange (0.3 bar max) to avoid lipolysis. High-yield exchanger: 1 to 2°C between milk and glycol. A removable exchanger for easy maintenance.
  • Circulation of glycol by a pump equipped with a stainless steel body and a second pump for backup (option).
  • Optional: food flow and temperature sensors to record variations in milk and water.
  • A system can evolve from 1 to a maximum of 6 modules to accommodate the expansion of milk production. Modules can also be added as backups.
  • Sensors dedicated to the application on each module: flow control valve, detection of lack of glycol flow.

Pre-cooling Features

The same components as those of the refrigeration groups have demonstrated their reliability and ensured the availability of spare parts. Scroll Technology Compressor, Simple and reliable thermostatic regulator, Brazed plate evaporator, Large condenser for the class A atmospheres (43°C), Fan speed regulation for optimized cooling and minimum energy consumption. Optional: heat recovery, cover for outdoor installation, refrigeration fluid.

Large food glycol buffer tank completely insulated by polyurethane to smooth over- or under-cooling milk during sudden changes in milk flow. A simple modular cooling system designed for dairy farms. Suitable for automated or conventional milking systems. Increases the cooling capacity of an existing facility with limited investment costs. Enables the farmer to obtain dairy bonuses for better milk quality (low bacteria) and bonuses related to the ability to collect milk at any time.

The control/command part is based on the same proven elements of the tanks: ICool, its security thermostat and its SOS function. Its use is simple and suitable for dairy production. Its recording of data over 10 years. Optional remote access to receive alarms by email or SMS and take control of the system.

Milk Pre-cooling


Pre-cooling milk with spring water to:

  • Warm the water for free to animal water troughs or to a storage vessel
  • Spend less energy cooling the milk

Pre-cooling milk through a low-load plate exchanger (0.3 bar max) to avoid lipolysis.

  • High-efficiency exchanger: 1 to 2°C between milk and water
  • Food quality connection by a stainless steel clamp
  • Removable interchange for easy maintenance.
Refrigeration Groups

Refrigeration Groups

  • Refrigeration groups of 2 to 15 CV
  • Refrigeration capacity from 4 to 30kW
  • Scroll or piston technology compressor
  • Double fan
  • Optional heat recovery via a brazed plate exchanger