PCool Milk Tank

PCool Milk Tank - Charleville Refrigeration

A stainless steel milk tank with a capacity ranging from 320 litres to 1,950 litres.

To obtain the best quality of milk, the agitator gently stirs it continuously during cooling phases and cyclically the rest of the time. This ensures homogeneity while preserving the integrity of the milk.

PCool was the very first milk cooler equipped with the concept of a high-efficiency thermal evaporator called STI (integrated tubular system). Th BII-class evaporators, laboratory tested (35°C down to 4°C within less than 3 hours in a 32°C environment), offer the fastest cooling in 2 or 4 milkings with reduced energy consumption.

The PCool milk tank is also the first to be equipped with the concept of a high-efficiency thermal exchange evaporator called STI (integrated tubular system).

PCool Milk Tank Features

A simple and efficient digital control box that avoids milk freezing even with a low filling rate. Milk entry 175mm. Stainless steel tank and outer shell.

High-density polyurethane insulation without CFC for optimum temperature maintenance, which minimizes energy consumption.

A drain near the edge allows the immediate arrival of milk at the cooling level, with 3 connection standards available.

Robust support for accurate calibration, LNE certified and sustainable over time. Easily adjustable feet in dairy.

Compact version with cooling units designed for quick installation and without connection to the refrigeration unit. A separate version for a refrigeration group installation in a ventilated area to obtain the best energy operating conditions.