ICool milk cooling

Modern controller dedicated to the application of milk cooling on the farm. The safety of milk cooling is guaranteed by 3 levels of management;

  • Directly by the controller and a first temperature sensor.
  • Through a safety thermostat with a second temperature sensor.
  • By a stand-alone backup mode.

The quality of the cooling by two methods avoiding freezing milk;

  • Shifting the start-up of refrigeration groups especially at the beginning of milking and for small volumes of milk.
  • Patented cooling speed analysis: If the temperature drops too quickly, ICool stops the refrigeration packs before the deposit to avoid freezing the milk.
ICool milk cooling

iCool Features

  • Manage up to 4 refrigeration groups with the possibility of cascading compressors.
  • Setting up 2 set-up points.
  • Continuous agitation during cooling and cyclically during storage guarantees the homogeneity of the milk while preserving its integrity.
  • A washing that can be configured according to local needs and regulations.
  • Washing and rinsing by 2 independent circuits guarantee the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Simple connection to automated milking systems for stand-alone management.
  • Streaming and recording of the milk volume every minute via an optional sensor, milk or washing temperature, group status, alarms…
  • Data memorization capability over 10 years and more. Data that can be exported to PC with the ICool Analyzer to show milk volume curves, temperatures, different phases, and alarm times… allowing for more complete analysis and facilitating troubleshooting.

Optional modem to connect remotely via a PC, smartphone or tablet enabling:

  • Remote assistance for quick troubleshooting by the dealer safely by a patented protocol.
  • Support for remote troubleshooting faster by the dealer
  • Alarms are to be received by SMS.