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Image illustrating bulk milk tanks that can be supplied and installed on dairy farms in Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire by United Milking Systems


The storage of milk is a very important factor in dairy farming. Only by cooling the milk can the quality be fully maintained. The GEA solution: the TCool milk tank with horizontal storage.

GEA T Cool Tank

Key characteristics of the milk tank at a glance:Cooling tank_1.2_frei_549463cooling tank

  • The milk tank is available in 24 variants: a large selection for customized milk cooling
  • Milk tank with top-quality insulation
  • Individually configured milk intake: With inlet from above, from below, front the front and from the back
  • Long-lasting evaporators: high reliability of milk storage thanks to constant quality control.

The efficiency with which you are able to cool and store the milk becomes obvious when you look at the statistics. The TCool milk tank prevents the formation of thermal bridges and limits the temperature increase to 0.5°C in a period of 12 hours.

You can cool your milk with the TCool milk tank using a total of 24 different variants and capacities – from 1,010 up to 33,500 litres. The advantages:

  • Cooling milk: You save energy with the milk tank
  • The tank can be efficiently cleaned
  • Easy to operate EXPERT electronic control system.

The cooling is standardised and provides top safety for perfect milk quality. You operate and manage the milk tank with EXPERT. With a worldwide acknowledged milk metering system you can achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.2 % at 4 °C. The measurements will be shown immediately and precisely by a digital display.



What our farmers sayBildschirme_549462

Alerts & Warnings : any fault in cooling or washing a red display error appears telling exactlycool what has went wrong. Water temperature not reached, incorrect volume of detergent / cooling issue. With larger volumes of milk being produced and more stringent milk quality controls this immediate information is very helpful, Up to two months of information is stored in case the coop has any queries & there are no hidden costs with sim cards etc.Bildschirme_549462


Cooling : This tank is much more efficient on energy use with its high density insulation, even one morning when my power went out the insulation limited the temperature increase to 0.5˚C and tank cutno milk was spoiled. It cools quickley & the compressor is coming on less frequently.






Depending on the time of year I often had grit and silt being left at the bottom of my old tank after washing, now I have a AED dynamic water intake independent of the wash that removes any milk residue before the pre-rinse and flushes out any resides left after the final rinse leaving my tank perfectly spotless.CTcool_3207.tif




‘After milking I always check the volume of milk in the tank’. Each tank is individually calibrated & the volumes of milk is measured by GEA’s officially approved patented digital dipstick. This gives me an immediate indicator if the volume is down there are cows I need to identify causing this within the herd.

Other features of the tank include the intelligent cooling function immediately after milking cooling starts reducing eliminating the risk of forgetting to switch on the tank.

Regardless of which tank you decide on: A complete drainage at the end of the cleaning process is possible with a vertical high-performance pump to prevent the milk from freezing which could impair the milk quality. An intake filter on the pump prevents the spray head from clogging and additionally protects the pump.549514[1]


The general dosage of the cleaning agent is carried out using the pump. This prevents direct contact with the cleaning agents and offers the additional advantage of precisely regulated quantities. The EXPERT control system handles changes to the cleaning agent, which saves you time and prevents contact with powerful cleaning agents which could be hazardous to your health. When storing and cooling milk several forms of contamination can occur, making the use of various cleaning processes necessary.

Choose between alkaline and acidic cleaners. If desired, disinfection using a third pump is also possible.

Cool and store milk, and store the most important dataTitel_Kueltanks_2015.psd

Expand the functions of EXPERT with the practical EXPERTISE software. Your advantages: The system can be more easily maintained by our technicians and data, such as cooling and cleaning temperatures, can be saved at the click of a mouse. Record data and function processes over a long time period, store the information for several years or download the data stored during the last two months. This gives you even greater control over the milk tank and milk production. It is also possible to view the data via DPNet.


Download a copy of the full GEA Cooling brochure

Charleville Refrigeration also provides the unique Koolstar flooded evaporator system, which remains unrivalled in terms of cooling and efficiency.

plate cooler

Plate Coolers

The plate cooler is an essential part of any cooling system. Rapid reduction in milk temperature protects milk quality by suppressing bacterial growth. Dramatic savings in electricity and compressor wear and tear ensure optimum performance at all times.
A singlebank plate cooler consists of a series of stainless steel plates. Warm milk flows through alternate plates in one direction whilst cold water flows through the remaining plates in the opposite direction removing heat from the milk. A double bank plate cooler has two sets of plates, so the milk and water pass through twice thus improving the efficiency of heat exchange. A correctly-sized plate cooler will reduce the temperature of the milk to a-b°C (single-bank) or c-d°C (double bank).
There are a number of options for using the residual warm water from the plate cooler. For example, it may be used as part of a heat recovery system for heating wash water, for prerinsing the milking equipment, or for washing down   the parlour at the end of milking.
The GEA Farm Technologies plate cooler leads the way in milk cooling technology. High capacity plates that are 50% larger than the normal size maximise the area of the cooling surface and minimise the pressure drop. 40mm milk inlets/ outlets and 1½” BSP water inlets/outlets ensure unrestricted flow through the plate cooler. A complete stainless steel construction prevents rusting of frame and provides longevity.

For more information click here GEA Plate Cooler

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